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Learn more about our approach, our staff and the benefits of turning to us for your Health Fitness and Wellness needs. For information about JustFit and our services, click here.

Shani Jones takes on Stone Mountain

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JustFit Body Maintenance LLC offers a wide range of services relating to Aquatics, Natural Health/Healing, Fitness and Wellness. To learn more, click here.

Wade Walker YMCA AquaFit Class

JustFit BM LLC will serve Atlanta-area citizens with its efforts to Engage the Mind, Body, and Spirit with activities that will Maintain, Strengthen, Condition, and Rehabilitate the Body.



The numbers are staggering. 70% of African American children, 60% of Latino children and 40% of Caucasian children have low or no swimming ability.  The USA Swimming Foundation launched Make a Splash—a national child-focused water safety initiative which aims to provide the opportunity for every child in America to learn to swim. The Foundation seeks to achieve this mission via a national awareness campaign, an affiliate coalition and a robust local partner program. JustFit Body Maintenance LLC is a Local Partner with the Make a Splash Foundation.

Enagic's SD501 Kangen Water Medical Device


ACIDOSIS gives rise to health conditions such as obesity,

 disease, fungus, virus, bacteria, cancer, diabetes, and skin

conditionsBy using a powerful Alkaline solution (Kangen

 Water) to neutralize the body’s ph, sickness can not survive in the human body 


Kangen Water Demo at First Fruit Wellness Center


Just Above The Rest

JustFit BM LLC has the ONLY Fitness and Wellness experts in the Atlanta area that incorporates Kangen education. JustFit believes in the Japanese medical theory that the Origina Sickness in the Human Body is ACIDOSIS !!!!!


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  • Patrice S. (Monday, June 30 14 09:50 pm EDT)

    You are successful young entrepreneur and, I thank you for helping me with my weight loss journey.

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    I am interested in your water classes.

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    Love what you are doing for these kids.

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    Looks good. Ill be in touch